You want a description of hell? Oxycontin’s 12 Hour Problem

May 5, 2016  –  LA Times reporters utilize thousands of pages of documents, many previously sealed, to document the business practices of Purdue Pharma, maker of Oxycontin.  The 12 hour action claim is central to $31 billion in revenue and addicting millions of people in pain who couldn’t wait that long to take the next dose.

Insurance Rules Can Hamper Recovery From Opioid Addiction

August 5th, 2016  –  Patients are finding that while it has been easy to get their insurance to cover the opioids they became addicted to, it is a lot harder to get authorization for medication to treat that addiction.  Read about Nate Turner’s experience.

NPR news article

Drug companies raise prices for naloxone

July 17, 2016 –  As need grows for naloxone, drug companies raise prices. Prices up 20 fold in last 10 years. Congress asks companies for explanation.
LA Times article

Senate passes bill on drug treatment & prevention

March 10, 2016  —  Responding to a drug crisis that has contributed to more American deaths than car crashes, the Senate Thursday overwhelmingly passed a broad drug treatment and prevention bill.

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