The Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a tool to help healthcare providers and pharmacists provide patients better care in managing their prescriptions. It contains information provided by Oregon-licensed retail pharmacies.

Pharmacies submit prescription data to the PDMP system for all Schedules II, III and IV controlled substances dispensed to Oregon residents. The protected health information is collected and stored securely.

Oregon-licensed healthcare providers and pharmacists and their staff may be authorized for an account to access information from the PDMP system. Bordering state licensed healthcare providers may also be authorized for access accounts. By law their access is limited to patients under their care.

The program was started to support the appropriate use of prescription drugs. The information is intended to help people work with their healthcare providers and pharmacists to determine what medications are best for them.

To register is quick and easy

Click on this link: About half way down this page click on the word registration (highlighted in blue). This will bring up a second window. The temporary account name is newacct and the temporary password is welcome. Fill out the page and print to notarize. Have it notarized and send to the address on the top of the page. You will receive two emails in less than a week. One email will contain your log in information and the second one will include your new password information. The help desk can be reached at: 866-205-1222.


Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Website

Fact Sheet on PDMP